Developing Your Global Payroll Strategy

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  • Join Immedis experts Christine Keily and David Leboff as they discuss compliance, culture and communications in the global payroll industry.
  • Christine Keily is the Chief Tax and Payroll Officer at Immedis and is an AITI Chartered Tax Advisor. David Leboff is the President, US operations at Immedis, with over 35 years industry experience.
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  • Keeping on top of the many complexities of Global Payroll - Understanding that different countries means different rules. One size does not fit all.
  • Compliance with local & global laws is non-negotiable. Learn about the different employment laws, income taxes, social security and employee and employer issues around the world.
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  • On time, every time is no longer enough for global payroll. Timeliness, accuracy and completeness of your payroll is essential to the success of your international payroll operation.
  • Expert advice on how to use your payroll calendar to automate the payroll process & keep your global payroll operation on track.

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