Bring Your Global Payroll Operation Into The Future

  • Join experts from Immedis, Barry Flanagan & Richard Limpkin as they discuss how to use technology to future proof your global payroll operation.
  • Previously the Global Tax Director, Barry Flanagan has since been appointed as the Senior Vice President of US Operations. Richard Limpkin is the Chief Operating Officer at Immedis.
  • Understand how to use your global payroll operations as a strategic business function and bring your organization into the future.
  • Use the latest innovations in technology such as integration, automation and data visualization to advance and enhance your payroll processes.
  • Learn how advanced business intelligence can produce visual, board level, consolidated global payroll reports in minutes.
  • Save up top 2 days in your payroll cycle by: automating repetitive tasks, validating your data and ensuring more accurate payroll information at every step.

Simplify your global payroll and employment tax obligations with global payroll platform, iConnect.

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