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Experience One View

Make faster, actionable decisions through one lens

One View enables payroll specialists to have a unified view of all employee data, even without a standardized multi-country payroll process. Say, “goodbye” to several disparate views.
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Experience One World, One View

Take the guesswork out of dealing with localized, decentralized payroll systems — fast track global payroll reporting.

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Lightweight implementation

Implement in a matter of weeks and begin realizing the value and benefits of true multi-national payroll in a fraction of the time of a full global payroll transformation.

Process payroll your way

Gone are the days of being forced to uproot payroll providers and processed globally to achieve visibility into global payroll data. Whether you're happy with the payroll processes in some countries or utilizing your HCM provider's payroll solutions in others, no problem. We can deliver your "rest of world" payroll processing and global payroll reporting across all providers under one roof.
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Transparent Employee Experience

Every employee, wherever they are in the world, can simply grab their phone and access their payslips via the One View mobile app.
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Reporting you can trust

Out-of-the-box, One View creates a global view you can trust and rely on. Gone are the days of reconciling legacy systems that add time to your analysis.
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Uniformity at its finest

Create one operational standard for global payroll reporting across all countries. Increase efficiencies and alignment across state/provincial, national, regional, and multi-country payroll information in one single place.
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Time is money, cut the bottlenecks

60% of global payroll-related reports take a day or longer to produce, leaders today simply don’t have that kind of time. One View streamlines the process and helps to create more actionable insights.

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Thanks, One View!

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Pain points have no borders

Success stories all over the world

“We looked at a number of different providers, but this technology stood out. It’s clear that Immedis put a lot of R&D into the Immedis Platform.”
— Jeff Pamplin, Chief Operating Officer Apex Fund Service

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